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Baby Products like FootMuffs, Sleep Sacks & Wrap Blankets – A must for Newborn

For parents, there is no other happiness compared to the happiness of welcoming their first child in this world. It seriously is one of the happiest moments for any parent, to hear their baby cry while they welcome him/her in this world. Most of us get prepared with every required stuff like Footmuffs, Sleep Sacks, Wrap Blankets, Muslin Wraps, etc., for the baby before they arrive. So, today we will discuss such baby products that are essential for a newborn.  

Baby Footmuffs and their Types

Footmuffs are generally used for newborns during the winters, to protect them from cold and keep them warm. It’s an ideal accessory for keeping babies and toddlers warm while taking them out for a walk in chilly weather.  Footmuffs are more practical and easier to be used than traditional blankets. These baby products are best compared with sleeping bags that are designed to allow your child to be strapped into the pushchair while remaining protected from the cold.

Stroller Footmuffs

Apart from normal footmuffs, there are also stroller footmuffs and Wrap Blanket Footmuffs that are generally used when moving babies in strollers during the winter months. Although stroller footmuffs are compared with traditional blankets they offer more movability and practicality than the former. Footmuffs, when strapped on the stroller, get fixed at one place, while traditional blankets eventually fall off, and can even get dragged on the ground.    

If we look at the overall footmuffs including the wrap blanket footmuffs, they are basically accessories of baby strollers, used during the winters. They are designed in a way to be used for infant babies as well as preschoolers. Equipped with a bottom, these footmuffs can be extended when your child grows in length. This feature of these footmuffs saves your money as you can use them for a long period of time. It also provides warmth and coziness for your baby. They also come with a hood in the top which can be adjusted for more warmth. Extra layers can also be put on if needed.

Toddler footmuffs are good enough that you won’t require to put extra layers on it. They are made with extra warming materials and have several membranes on it. When they become dry, simply take it from the stroller and wash them, as they are fixed and tighten with a harness. There is no chance of your child to fall from these strollers. All other warming materials like traditional blankets may fall off but these baby footmuffs will not. They are one of the best baby care products available in the market.

Why are Footmuffs better than Traditional Blankets?

When it comes to protecting your child during the winters or to provide them the necessary warmth when needed, footmuffs are considered as the better option when compared to traditional blankets. Here are the few reasons that justify this fact:

  • Traditional blankets do not have slots or harnesses, and thus, it becomes difficult to carry your baby in the car or in a baby kart, whereas footmuffs come with slots or harnesses to keep your baby safe while traveling.
  • Wrapping your baby in a traditional blanket can be a challenge in itself, but it’s easy to do the same using a footmuff. They come with a zip closure on their sides which helps children to keep safe inside without wasting time or disturbing your baby’s sleep.
  • The common misconception is that footmuffs are only used in winters, but this is not true. Footmuffs can be used around the whole year, as we never know when the climate gets changed. Apart from using them to keep your baby warm, footmuffs can also be used as sleeping bags and also as padding for your baby’s pushchair.

Baby Sleep Sacks – Best for Your Baby’s Good Night Sleep

Newborn babies really go through a tough time when it comes to sleeping. Regular food feeding, diaper changing, and general fussiness disturb their regular sleep, and they keep themselves up and everyone else in the family. So the best solution is using a sleep sack

Baby sleep sacks for winters are a great option for babies and toddlers who are less than one year old. Using sleeping sacks instead of blankets can reduce the risk of suffocation and overheat. They provide the feeling of security for your newborn similar to swaddling, helping them sleep longer without disturbing themselves.  

Newborn sleep sacks were earlier very much popular in the United States and have been long used in Countries like Europe. They easily fit around your child and typically zip up just like a sleeping bag, shoulder straps in these sleep bags don’t allow them to easily slip down. Unlike grown up sleeping bags, baby sleeping bags have large armholes that permit ventilation and allow your baby to maintain stable body temperature.

Baby sleep sacks are today available in a wide range of fabrics and designs depending on your personal needs. However, you need to keep certain things in mind before purchasing the best sleep sack for your baby.

  • You need to look for sleep sacks depending on their age range. Some sleep sacks including those that pin baby’s arms down are only made to be used until your baby can rollover. However, other sleep sacks are versatile enough to grow with the baby.
  • Sleep sacks are available in a slew of different styles and materials, so make sure that you choose one which is best for the season you are in. Or you choose  one which is good for the whole year and work in different sleep environments.
  • Don’t look for sleep sacks that come in a limited set size, rather look for sleep sacks that will adjust as per your growing baby’s needs.  

Swaddle Your Baby with Modern Wrap Blankets

Swaddling has been an age-old technique for centuries. It’s an ancient practice of wrapping babies in a thin blanket or sheet to help him/her safe and secure. This is also being done to make the baby feel more settled, and is a method to help them sleep.

Today, in modern times this technique is still in practice but is being done by using wrap blankets. If your baby is a natural wiggler, a fussy sleeper or tosses or turns at night, you can use these wrap blankets to make them sleep. Swaddling wrap blankets or stroller wrap blankets can put an end to the never-ending ‘coming out of blanket’ nightmare. Using these baby winter stroller wrap blankets, you can simply forget about seams coming loose and fabric shrinkage.

Swaddling baby wrap blankets, made of good quality organic cotton fabrics are highly breathable, they have an open weave so as to prevent overheating, and keep your baby warm. These warp blankets are ideal for all year round use. They are best to be used in winters and summers as well.    

Features of Wrap Blankets

  • Made of 100% Cotton: Newborn baby wrap blankets  are made of 100% organic cotton and thus no need to worry about your baby getting skin allergies. Crafted excellently, these swaddling wrap blankets or baby winter stroller wrap blankets are ready to withstand everyday wear and tear. No need to worry about color fading even after repeated wash. Hassle-free cleaning is true for these cotton wrap blankets.  
  • Increases your baby’s sleeping time:  It’s easy for you to increase the sleep time of your carrying baby using these deluxe swaddling wrap blankets. These wrapping blankets create a nurturing womb-like feeling for your baby and keep them safe, sound, snug, comfy all day and night long. 
  • Available in Colors:  Wrap blankets are available in gender-neutral colors and cute little patterns, these wrap blankets are best for both boys and girls.
  • Adjustable Wings:  Most of the wrap blankets have adjustable wings on each side, thus allowing you to adjust the size as much as you want and achieve the snug, nourishing and comfortable fit. 

Organic Muslin Wraps

Just like organic wrap blankets, organic muslin wraps to are considered best for newborn babies. They too are made of 100% pure cotton and are processed without any harmful chemicals. When you use these allergen-free, super-soft comfy muslin wraps to wrap your baby   it makes them breathe easily.

Given importance by parents all over the world for centuries, classic muslin fabrics are popular for being light in weight, breathable and durable. These muslin wraps reduce the risk of overheating. Although they are soft when used repeatedly and washed, they become even more softer and thus last long for years.

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