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What you Need to Know about Playpen Mattress and Baby Mats?

The baby mattress is one of the most important products of all baby products. It is something in which kids spend most of their time, resting and sleeping. Providing newborns more comfort and safety is what we all look for. So, in order to provide additional comfort, a playpen mattress was introduced. There’s an optional cushion pad, which parents can purchase to provide a second layer of padding for their little ones.  Playpen mattress is a little thinner than crib mattresses but is perfectly suitable for newborns.

Is a Playpen mattress necessary for your newborn?

Many playpen bed mattresses available in the market today are either thin or are a bit thick with polyester fillings. They are generally used in baby cribs to provide additional comfort to the child. Using this playpen mattress becomes necessary as  children grow because gradually with time they gain body weight and become heavier. And the cushion on their crib may not provide them the needed comfort and softness, and therefore a playpen mattress is needed for them. Playpen mattress creates another layer of padding for a newborn baby. Although some playpen mattresses are thinner so as to perfectly get fitted in a baby crib. 

Baby playpen mattresses are easily washable, so no need to worry about washing these baby mattresses. However, there are waterproof playpen mattresses and some with removable covers. A waterproof mattress can simply be wiped with soap and water, and the one that has a removable cover can be taken out simply and washed with water and detergent. 

Why Cotton Playpen Mattress?

It’s a common known fact that a playpen mattress made of organic cotton is less harmful to the baby's skin compared to a mattress made of synthetic fibres. Since the skin of newborn babies is very delicate and soft, a normal playpen mattress can cause irritation to their skin. And in extreme cases, this mattress can even cause rashes in your baby’s skin. Therefore, it is suggested to use an organic playpen mattress, especially for newborn babies.

Key points to remember before buying a baby mattress
  • Before buying a baby mattress you need to check for the size of the mattress and see whether it fits your baby’s crib or not. You may like to have a mattress which is a little oversized or small, so take the accurate measurement of your baby’s crib before you go shopping for your baby’s mattress.   
  • Do not choose to buy too soft mattresses for your baby, instead, go for the one that is slightly solid and firm. Such mattresses give babies a more solid platform to slip into and make it easier for them to move sideways while sleeping.
  • There are two types of mattresses available for babies. One is made of foam and another is made of the coil. The foam mattress is light in weight and soft whereas coiled ones are slightly hard and heavier. So when choosing a baby mattress to decide on what are your specific needs and requirements, and purchase accordingly.

Baby Play Mats

A baby play mat is an essential item for every baby. It can be the perfect place for your newborn baby to put all his new items like cots, Moses basket or bouncer chair. For the first few months of their new life, they are going to learn an enormous amount of things by looking around them. A baby mat can create a stimulating environment for them and can introduce various colors, sounds, and movements. Apart from this, baby mats can provide hours of fun for babies and young children. They can also provide learning, growth and entertainment opportunities for your little ones, whose brains are developing and they are in their learning stage. There are a variety of baby mats available in the market but their price varies depending on various factors. So, take note of these factors and choose a mat that would be best suitable for your baby.

  • When choosing a baby floor mat, look for  one that can easily get folded. This allows you to create space in your room, once your baby goes to sleep.
  • There are two types of mats available; one with good wide space to put your baby’s stuff like toys, colors, sounds, etc. and one having a short space for babies to stretch. Large baby playmats are good enough for babies to learn. They have various colours on them, usually bright colors with great texture for babies to feel. Using large mats allows you to place toys and various other baby products. This will help your child develop his/her motor skills as he/she tries to reach and play with them.  
  • In the folding mats category, there’s another option i.e.  mats for the baby which are best used when traveling. These mats can easily be folded and zipped up into small carry bags. Such mats are usually smaller in size as compared to home mats.

Organic Baby Play Mats Protect Your Child from Non-Toxic Environment

A baby’s skin is soft and gentle, they are highly vulnerable to skin allergies. So, it’s important for parents to keep their children far from the non-toxic environment. This is possible only when we use baby products made up of pure organic cotton, like, organic blankets, organic clothing materials organic cotton play mat, etc.

Using organic cotton play mats for babies is very important as babies spend most of the time playing on these mats, they come directly in contact with these mats. Therefore, it is important to use an organic cotton baby play mat, which is free of allergic and toxic materials. 

Baby Play Mats Online

The E-commerce market all over the world has made its mark. Today there would be hardly any product left, which hasn’t been sold online. E-commerce companies today are offering all varieties of products including baby products. Therefore today, it has become easy for parents to shop baby products like baby toys, clothing materials, diapers, and baby mats online. There’s no need for them to purchase such products only from clothing stores or shopping malls. They can simply order their baby products online from various e-commerce stores, and that too at affordable prices.

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