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Understand Why You Need To Shift From Regular Toy To Organic Soft Toys

Today's modern children of the 21st century can get toys of all shapes and sizes. Today's high-tech toys have occupied a lot of the market. You might be wondering which toy you should prefer for your kids? Most of the kids get attracted to fancy gadgety-looking toys, but are they good for them? Is technology-based toy harmful? These are burning questions of today's parents. Some might feel tech toys will help them be updated, while some may feel soft toys build compassion and a loving feel. We are here to clear your confusion. 

Soft toys are usually most favored among kids. 

Having a cute stuffed toy like a teddy bear is like a friend who can listen or talk to them no matter where they go. Soft toys also help to express their feelings and emotions that are otherwise inexpressible through words. Well, we all remember our first soft toy, don't we? Research has shown that even in this technological world, soft toys positively affect a child's development. But there are many things you have to consider while buying soft toys for your kid. 

It should be safe, comforting and have the ability to impart a loving and caring feeling to a child. You might be thinking about how these toys can benefit your children and where to get such toys? You don't need to worry; we have developed this blog to explain all your curiosities about buying soft toys online in India.

Benefits Of Soft Toys For Babies

Soft Toys For Different Age Groups

While buying soft toys for babies, make sure to look at the description for those under 12 months of age. There should not be any small parts or loose fibers that may present as a choking hazard.

Develop Sensory Skills

The baby has a fascination to touch and feel new textures. And with different soft toys, infants begin to grasp the different colors, sizes, and textures, which ultimately helps develop their sensory skills.

Reduce Stress

  • Babies feel anxiety and distress, Just like adults.
  • On the one hand, soft toys are the most suitable way for them to explore new things and, on the other hand, they provide comfort when they get anxious.
  • It helps to bring a sense of reassurance and familiarity. It is the perfect way to soothe a baby.

Develop Social Skills 

When babies immerse themselves in pretending to play with their favorite soft toy, it develops their social skills. Pretending to talk, play, and eat food with them can provide the foundation for reinforcing their social skills, encouraging them to interact with other people. Thus it also assists in developing their language and communication skills. Soft toys for kids can serve as a foundation for learning writing and reading shortly. 

Develops Compassion And Empathy 

Soft toys also motivate babies to care and love for other people and appreciate the presence of relationships. They can better understand the importance of empathy and compassion and fulfill their need to nurture other people. 

Benefits Of Soft Toys For Toddlers

The advantages of soft toys for toddlers are immense. The warmth of a cuddly toy gives them the comfort and security that children want when tired or facing a new situation. A toddler's favorite soft toy can help with separation anxiety.

Young children often prefer their loving soft toys to outlet their feelings and comfort them, inspiring valued qualities such as empathy, kindness, and bonding.

For toddlers, the world is a mysterious place with many things waiting to be discovered. And these Soft toys can help them learn new skills through role-playing. 

Many Kids have the habit of throwing temper tantrums whenever they feel irritated. As a parent, you can help them manage their extreme emotions by providing them with a safe stuffed animal. 

Children can sometimes be afraid of being deported from their parents by showing them that there is nothing to worry about and helping them learn to separate with their favorite soft toys. Children will be able to improve their self-esteem, reduce their stress and help them feel secure. 

How To Select The Best Soft Toys?

Newborn To Six Months 

The initial period of growth for babies is crucial, and selecting the right type of soft toys is vital. You can choose plush toys for babies to grab their attention. It is best for babies who are teething. Things to consider is don't buy toys with long fur or which have buttons and sharp objects.

Six Months To One Year 

Your children are most active during these years, and most of the time, they tend to hold onto things tighter. So a better option is to Invest in soft toys that are lightweight and ensure the material of the fabric is soft.

One Year And Above 

Excitement is at its peak for kids as they begin to discover the world around them. They react to things, and they will love it if you give them their favorite baby soft toys. Therefore at this age give prime importance to the visual delight. Most children at this age tend to possess and rebuke when anyone touches or goes near their stuffed toys.

Two Years And Growing 

Children of this age cry less often and wonder more. Everything becomes a matter of fascinating weather, from soft cat toys to soft elephant toys. As parents, you should make sure that toys are highly interactive because Their ability to touch, feel, smell, and recognize things is high.

Three Years And Curious 

Like adults, babies too love exploring new things. They began to start identifying with cartoon characters. Most of the kids at this age begin to associate themselves with their favorite cartoons. Please don't be shocked when children begin demanding soft toys of favorite characters and begin behaving like them.

Popular Soft Toys Among Babies

Depending upon their conditioning and atmosphere, children love different kinds of soft toys. Some might love smaller toys to pamper them, while others may be fascinated with larger stuffed toys. Following are the most popular figure soft toys for kids.

  • Baby dinosaur soft toy
  • Fish soft toys
  • Elephant soft toy
  • Large elephant stuffed animal

Buy Soft Toys Online India

If you want the best quality stuffed toys online and you don't know where to go, then we have a one-stop destination for you. Vkaire completely understands the needs of your baby and is also concerned about safety. We have a range of soft toys from some parts of the animal kingdom. The cute stuffed animal toys for babies are something no kid can resist. We have toys of various animals, from  Longy (giraffe), Dino (dinosaur), Grizzly (bear), Piggy (Pig), Squirmy, Ele (Elephant), Puppy Baby Soft Toy (Buddy), Elephant Baby Soft Toy (Chappy) Pink, Elephant Baby Soft Toy (Toothy), Rabbit Baby Soft Toy (Hopsie), Giraffe Baby Soft Toy (Garry), Monkey Baby Soft Toy (Mr. Giggles), Hippopotamus Baby Soft Toy (Plum Bum), and Pig Baby Soft Toy (Peppers). These have passed stringent cuddle-testing.

Types Soft Animal Stuffed Toys For Babies In Vkaire

Rabbit Baby Soft Toy (Hopsie)

Hopsie, a rabbit in the animal kingdom. He is very energetic and binky. Hopsie loves to hop around and meet other animals, but Hopsie hates to get messy. He is always Lilly-white and is very proud of his looks. He also has a 360-degree vision which makes him impossible to trick. 

Pig Baby Soft Toy (Peppers)

Mrs. Peppers, a pig she is motherly and likes to keep her house spotless. She loves to cook for the two Twin Baby Elephants, Chappy, and Toothy, and she fancies Mud Baths and Massages.

Elephant Baby Soft Toy (Chappy) Pink

Chappy is a Twin Baby Elephant. She is very cheerful and clumsy; she often trips over her trunk. However, she is also very kind, loves to play, and makes new friends.  

Elephant Baby Soft Toy (Toothy),

Toothy is a Twin Baby Elephant. He is smart and protective. He is always looking out for his sister Chappy. His dream is to become strong and protect the animal kingdom. 

Hippopotamus Baby Soft Toy (Plum Bum)

Plum Bum is a hippopotamus. He lives in the pond. He is always starving and can eat upto 35 kgs. He loves to splash around in the water. 

Monkey Baby Soft Toy (Mr. Giggles)

Mr. Giggles is a monkey. He is very naughty and loves to play a prank on others. However, he is very intelligent as well, and he knows how to use tools. 

Puppy Baby Soft Toy (Buddy)

Buddy is a puppy. He is fearful because he is new to the animal kingdom. However, He is friendly and loyal to others, and he can convince anyone with his Puppy Dog Eyes. 

Giraffe Baby Soft Toy (Garry)

Garry is the tallest in the animal kingdom. He is always standing even when he is asleep. However, He is intelligent and graceful. His elegance and majesty are attributes that everyone desires.

Longy Baby Soft Toy (giraffe)

The giraffe with a long neck, light grey patches, and cute baby pink ears will be your babies, long-term friends.

Dino Baby Soft Toy (dinosaur)

You will feel like the dinosaur has just come back to be your baby's best friend. It gives a sense of adventure and excitement to your little one. These are by far the safest and soft dinosaur soft toys online in India. If your kid seems to love dinosaurs in cartoons, then soft toy dinosaurs for babies will be a perfect gift. 

Grizzly Baby Soft Toy (bear)

Your baby will love to squeeze and snuggle with their tiny hands to this friend from the woods.

Piggy Baby Soft Toy

The toy can be super huger to your baby when they go to bed for sleeping.

Puffy Baby Soft Toy (cloud)

The softest toy will be the companion of your baby day and night. It's like having a lazy friend beside you all time to be with you.


If you are searching for soft fish toys online

The choose The dear dolphin who will take your baby to the world of the fascinating deep ocean. It is the cutest Fish soft toy for the baby.

Ele Baby Soft Toy (Elephant)

If your kids love to have a mighty friend, nothing can be better than this esteemed kid companion. This is an elephant stuffed toy with the unique ears you will find. 

Kids who like bigger animals will love this large elephant stuffed animal. The elephant teddy bear for babies will allow your baby to cuddle, hug and have fun. If you are searching for soft elephant toys online, then it's the best deal. The elephant teddy bear for the baby is safe and has the most appealing color to your baby.

Safety Of Soft Toys- Fabric Material

Most of the soft toys in the market are made from chemically grown and heavily processed cotton fibers. The synthetic filling in softs toys is also not so healthy. All of these possess a great risk for allergy in the sensitive skin of the baby. The Only wise option is to choose the toys made from organic fibers. Organic fibers make toys safe, comfortable, and smooth on the skin.

In the Vkaire, we use GOTS Certified organic cotton shells. It makes all of the toys super soft and cuddly. If you are searching for baby soft toys online in India, there is nowhere you will get high-quality and visually appealing soft toys for babies. The pure polyester filling allows you to have the best and safest cuddle. Get the best deals on soft toys for kids in vkaire.

In today's tech-led world, too, you cannot underestimate the value of soft toys for babies. They provide a smooth cuddle and help in children's mental, emotional, social, and analytical development. It can lay a foundation for compassion and empathy, contributing to making them better human beings when they grow up. You have to be very careful while choosing soft toys for babies online. You should select on an age basis. Small babies should not be given toys with furs and buttons for sharp objects while babies more than a year like interactive toys. The most popular soft toys are animal figures like fish, bears, and giraffes.

Another important thing to consider while buying soft toys is the quality of the fabric. Inorganic bleached cotton poses a high risk of skin conditions and is also bad for the environment. Always select soft toys with organic cotton and bamboo fiber that are most comfortable and healthy for your baby. It is good for the environment too. And if you are searching for baby soft toys online in India, Vkaire can be your most appropriate choice. With a wide range of products, Vkaire gives you organic soft toys With pure polyester filling that your kid will love to play and you will be worry-free to let them play as much as they want.

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