About Us

Our Mission

You want the best for your baby and we understand it. We are here to walk with you on your journey and evolve with your baby. With our wide range of innovative baby care products, we seek to be your helping hand on your parenting journey.

Handling with Care

Your baby’s skin is up to five times more sensitive than yours. It is gently moving towards completion and super prone to rashes. So, the fabrics that come in contact with your little one’s skin need to be the softest. That’s why we at Vkaire make our products from the highest quality materials and a lot of love. 

The Beginning of Something Good

I grew up in a big joint family and was always surrounded by babies. I noticed how when it was about taking care of the little ones, parents around me didn’t trust Indian brands and instead relied on products from the US or Europe even when they were heavy on their pockets. On digging deeper, I found out that there was truly a huge gap in the Indian baby care market which needed to be filled. I figured that baby care as we knew had to be reimagined, and with this thought, Vkaire was born.

—Smarth Chugh, Director

The Legacy that Birthed it All

As humans, we cannot live forever but we try to create something that does. Sometimes, it is something tangible. Other times, it is a legacy. Our case was the latter.

It was during the partition in the year 1947 when our family started the textile business in Panipat and it was the first of its kind. My ancestors learnt the art of weaving on the handloom and slowly and steadily, as the family business flourished, we were able to provide a livelihood to over a lakh people through our business ecosystem. Soon after, we were supplying textiles to companies of the likes of IKEA, Walmart, Target, JC Penney, Kohl’s, Bed Bath and Beyond, John Lewis, Marks & Spencer and many more. 

The brand, Vkaire is born out of this legacy and with our decades of experience and the aim to make products of the greatest quality, we are committed to give your baby the care, comfort and love they deserve.

A Message to All Moms

There’s no job in the world more difficult than being a mother. Even if the world does not understand your constant efforts to keep your baby safe, sound and comfortable at every moment, we do. That’s why we at Vkaire continuously strive to provide you with products which are designed with motherhood at their heart.