About Vkaire

Vkaire offers 100% pure organic cotton baby products including Baby Blanket, Winter Blanket, Pillows, Duvet Covers, Baskets, FootMuffs, Play Pen Mattress, Bath Cape, etc.

Vkaire is a one-stop shop for all essential baby clothing products. The best part is that; all our baby clothing products are made from 100% GOTS Certified Pure Organic Cotton, which is safe and allergy-free.

Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is a textile production certification given to textiles that are produced with limited use of dyes, chemical inputs, and toxic bleaches. GOTS certification is considered as the toughest organic textile standard.

Organic cotton is a type of cotton that is produced and certified using all organic agricultural standards. Its production is done by using natural fertilizers, and no synthetic fertilizers are used.

There’s a huge difference between organic cotton and normal cotton. Organic cotton is made from natural seeds; there’s no use of pesticides or chemicals. On the other hand, regular cotton is manufactured using a large number of chemicals including chlorine, heavy metals, and dyes. Organic cotton consists of longer fibers, and thus, results in softer and durable products compared to the products made from regular cotton.

Organic cotton is processed using natural or water-based dyes. Peroxide is used for whiting purposes,and other safer products are used to manufacture finished clothing products.

Organic cotton shrinks only when washed with hot water or when dried in high heat. So, make sure you wash cotton clothes with cold water and take reasonable care while drying it.

Organic cotton is free from harmful chemicals and pesticides and causes fewer allergies. They are softer and more comfortable than regular cotton

Although you can buy all the essential things for your first baby, we recommend you to buy a baby blanket and winter blanket for your newborn, as they need the necessary warmness.

About Your Order

We’d love to do that for you. Just mention the same in the ‘Order Note’ section before checking out.

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Shipping is free of cost for all prepaid orders anywhere in India. However, if you choose Cash on Delivery as your payment method, you will be charged a nominal amount of ₹100.

About the Products

Yes, our products are crafted to be 100% safe to be used by newborns. We ensure that we use baby-safe raw materials to make these products. So, they are gentle on your newborn’s skin and don’t contain any harmful dyes or chemicals.

 Jacquard is a special style of manufacturing a fabric where the design is knitted into the fabric itself, rather than printed or embroidered on top of it. A blanket made with that style of knitting is called a jacquard blanket.

Yes, Vkaire Baby Blankets keep your little one cosy in an air-conditioned room with temperature as low as 22 °C. However, if the room temperature is lower than that, we recommend Vkaire Winter Blankets. They are perfect for temperatures as low as 16°C.

The front and the back sides of all the jacquard blankets, cable knit blankets, rattle knit blankets and chunky knit blankets look different. For the rest, the front and the back look fairly similar.

 We don’t use fleece or wool to make our Winter Blankets as natural fleece is treated with harmful chemicals to turn it into raw material for blankets. Needless to say, those chemicals are harmful to babies. Furthermore, fleece’s extreme insulation makes babies uncomfortable in their sleep and raises their body temperature.

It is made with a hybrid compound called phthalate which is non-sticky, 100% baby safe and free of toxic chemicals like BPA, commonly found in food containers available in the market.

For any other queries, feel free to email us at Info@vkaire.com and we’ll be happy to assist you.