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The Origin:
How Vkaire was Born

Vkaire wasn’t conceived in a boardroom. It was born in a joint family in a Gurgaon house that was always buzzing with the laughter and cries of babies. It was born out of a deep desire to help parents around me, who couldn’t find good quality baby care products in the country. Instead, they were forced to procure them from the US or Europe even when the products were highly unaffordable. On digging deeper, I found out that there was a huge gap in the Indian baby care industry that needed to be filled. I figured that the traditional baby care as we knew needed to be reimagined, and with this thought, Vkaire was born. But products that are perfect to the T didn’t happen overnight. It took a lot of hard work, research, focus groups, brainstormings, failures and mettle to source products that nurtured babies with the tenderness they deserve.

— Smarth, Our Director

Building a Brand with a Heart

I, along with my team, aim to build a brand that is your friend, and the friend of every new parent out there. A friend who understands you, knows your issues and tries everything they can to resolve them; a friend you can trust your little munchkin with, without ever thinking twice. We know it is a big responsibility being this friend and we love every single day we spend being that. We’re on a mission to reimagine baby care by becoming the one-stop destination of 100% baby safe, toxin-free & international standard products. I’m super grateful that new parents join the Vkaire journey with us every day because they believe in our vision.

— Kritagya, Our Director of Operations

Our Roots

"The great use of life is to spend it for something that will outlast it", said William James and it is something that Chughs, the family behind Vkaire live by. They were the pioneers of establishing the textile business in Panipat in the year India got independence. From laying down the foundation of the firm brick-by-brick to becoming the suppliers of mammoth brands like IKEA, Walmart, Target, Kohl’s, Marks & Spencer and many more, their journey is a rare gem of inspiration. Due to the far-reaching impact of their business ecosystem, they were able to provide a livelihood to over a lakh people in the state of Haryana.Vkaire is born out of this legacy and with the decades of expertise and the aim to bring to you products of the finest quality, we are committed to giving your baby the care, comfort and love they deserve.

The Vkaire Promise
Designed with Love

The baby care products we make are driven by innovation and crafted with the sole aim to bring comfort and modernity from our design labs to your home. With functional build and subtle colour palette of dreamy pastels, our products ensure your little one not only feels comfortable but also looks effing cute.


The Pinnacle of Quality

At Vkaire, we meticulously bring to you baby care products that meet our high standards. Read on to know more!


The Purest Organic Cotton

We ensure that no harmful chemicals ever touch your baby’s sensitive skin. That’s why we ensure that our blankets, pillows, bath capes and more are made only from ethically grown 100% organic certified cotton. Cotton keeps your baby cool and doesn’t rub harshly against their soft skin. Absence of toxic insecticides and pesticides isn’t only good for you and your little one but also makes the planet happy!

World-Class Certifications

When you buy Vkaire, you can be 100% certain that the products we claim to be organic truly are so! That’s why our products are backed by two of the highest certifications in the world: OEKO-TEX and GOTS. When a product is OEKO-TEX certified, it means its every thread has been tested and found to be harmless for your little munchkin. A GOTS certification ensures the manufacturing of a product leaves a supremely low impact on the environment and a minuscule eco-footprint.

Embracing Bamboo Love

In many of our products like towels, swaddles and welcome kits, you also can opt for variants made from pure organic bamboo fibre. It’s not common knowledge but the bamboo fabric is softer than cotton with a feel similar to a cross between cashmere and silk. Also, bamboo doesn’t shrink and is odour resistant. Furthermore, it’s naturally antibacterial, offering your baby extra protection.

Innovative Patented Products

Our accessories section is home to patented products from various countries, like Head Shaping Pillow, Dare-U-Go bib and The Teething Egg. Our aim is to bridge the gap between the products Indian parents get and the ones they truly deserve. So, we decided to become a hasslefree destination for extraordinary babyware, backed by Science and dearly loved by parents across the planet.

To All Moms Out There

At Vkaire, we take pride in our research and development wing, but our #1 source of inspiration are mothers. Who knows about babies better than them? We listen to real moms to understand their unique needs and put all our efforts to solve their baby care problems. If you’re a mom and you’re reading this, please know that you inspire us to wake up every day and create honest products that parents love. And we’re proud to say we can never find a better collaborator than you. Thank you so much for being you!