Mobile The Molar Magician The specially crafted teether is perfect for your little one

The Molar Magician: An Award-Winning Teether Made in USA

Patent-Pending Four-Arm Design

The teether comes with an innovative four-arm design that makes it easy to grab and hold by your little one’s hands. Its flexible, yet firm arms provide soothing relief not only around the front teeth and gums, but also the back molar area, hard to reach for traditional teethers. The oval centre is designed to prevent The Molar Magician from reaching too far into the mouth, while allowing for easy one-handed use by small hands.

Safe and Chewy

Each arm and leg of The Molar Magician has a unique texture, carefully designed to suit your baby's developing gums. Due to this, they will love to massage their swollen gums by gliding it in all directions. Its soft-textured exterior with a firm body underneath will give your munchkin the much-needed relief. When it comes to all things baby, the single most important factor is safety. That’s why The Molar Magician is crafted from food-grade TPE material which is free of BPA, PVC, Lead, Phthalates and other notorious toxins.

Easy to Clean

It’s often easy to overlook the beauty of keeping things simple. The Molar Magician has no moving parts, extra pieces or any other frills and fancies, so cleaning it is easy peasy. You can wash it using mild soap or even toss it in the dishwasher. Also, TPE is heat resistant so you can put it in a steamer sterilizer without any worry.

The End of All Your Teething Struggles

A Teether Like None Other

Keep Your Teether Safe & Secure with Protective Case

The Molar Shell Protective Case

A custom-designed hard plastic jacket, The Molar Shell Protective Case keeps your teether protected from germs and damage. Simply place The Molar Magician inside the case and snap-close it for instant protection against accidental drops and dirt.

What Parents Say


The Molar Magician is made from food-grade TPE, a special durable material which has a supple texture with a firm consistency such that babies love to rub it against their gums.


Absolutely. The Molar Magician has undergone thorough mechanical and chemical testing in a lab certified and approved by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, USA.


No, the oval centre of The Molar Magician is designed to prevent it from reaching too far into the mouth. It greatly exceeds choking hazard dimensions and has been tested and approved by Worldwide Safety Commission


This teether is specially designed with 4 flexible, yet firm arms to reach not just the front teeth and gums but also the hard-to-reach back molar areas of the mouth.


This teether can be used for babies aged 6 months and above.


While The Teething Egg can be used by babies who are just 3 months old, The Molar Magician is recommended to be used by little ones who are at least 6 months and older. This is primarily because the latter is specially designed to soothe the hard-to-reach back teeth (or molars) that take longer to erupt.