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Join the VFam now to save on every Vkaire product you bring home. Because we love when babies delight in the joy of the comfiest touch—and your little one deserves to experience that.

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In the world of Vkaire, everything is just a little bit extra special. So, why should our currency be ordinary? Presenting Kaire Koins, the virtual currency from the house of Vkaire that’s your new best friend. You can earn Kaire Koins for pretty much everything you do. And you can redeem them for discount coupons. Just learn this Maths: more Kaire Koins = more Savings.

The Mantras to Earn Kaire Koins

There may be a few things in life simpler than earning Kaire Koins, but we don’t know any of them! Read on to know why we said that.

  • Get your first 500 Kaire Koins simply by becoming a member
  • Give us a follow on Instagram for 250 Kaire Koins
  • Share our Facebook page and 250 Kaire Koins are yours
  • Liking our Facebook gets you 250 Kaire Koins
  • For every ₹1 spent on the Vkaire website, you earn 1 Kaire Koin

When you become a part of the VFam, you are given access to a unique referral code. One of the best things about the VLove experience, this code is nothing less than magic. It rewards you 15% of your friend’s order if they sign up via your code and make a purchase. Not to miss, they also get a 15% Off. Can there be anything better than this?  

P.S. Needless to say: the more the friends, the merrier it’ll be. 

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The Best Part: Redeem Kaire Koins

Now, you have collected some Kaire Koins and you’re probably wondering how exactly you can put them to use. Well well well, what’s next will answer exactly that for you. While bringing home heavenly comfort for your little one, exchange the Kaire Koins for real discounts to save along the way. Here’s some Maths that might be useful for you:

  • 300 Kaire Koins can be redeemed for ₹300 Off on a minimum purchase of ₹2000 
  • 1000 Kaire Koins can be redeemed for ₹1000 Off on a minimum purchase of ₹5000
  • 2500 Kaire Koins can be redeemed for ₹2500 off on a minimum purchase of ₹10000
  • 6000 Kaire Koins can be redeemed for ₹6000 off on a minimum purchase of ₹20000

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