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What’s Flat Head Syndrome and how do babies develop it?

A baby sleeps with their head turned either towards the left or the right during the initial months of their life. It is important to realize that a newborn’s skull is relatively soft and can easily change shape if exposed to constant pressure on one part of their head. This can lead to Flat Head Syndrome. In this condition, a flat spot develops on the back or side of the baby’s head, causing it to look asymmetrical.

How can you identify Flat Head Syndrome?

You can hold your baby’s head in your hands while bathing them and observe the following:
* flattened area on the side or back of the head
* slanted appearance of the head in a certain area
* ears appearing to be misaligned
* bald spots or less hair in a particular area of the head

A Head Shaping Pillow protects your little one against Flat Head Syndrome

It is a patented medical device which provides the support that your baby needs. This pillow protects their head by keeping their neck properly aligned with the spine. It is made from high-quality, skin-friendly materials that are perfect for your baby, ensuring a well-shaped head and deep sleep for your little one.

How to place the Head Shaping Pillow under your baby’s head?

What Parents Say


The cover of this Head Shaping Pillow is made of 60% polyester and 40% lyocell, a hybrid fabric. The closure is 100% polyamide and its core is made of special PUR foam. All our materials are tested to be perfectly safe for your little one.


You need only one pillow which can be used till your baby is 3 years old. The pillow adjusts to the size of your baby's head. It is designed for an optimal, flexible fit and utmost comfort.


The pillow is made for long-term usage. There will be no additional purchases required or replenishment of filling material necessary.


It is made in Germany.


This pillow is made in a functional design with changeable and washable pillowcases. In case they get dirty, put them in a washing machine for a quick wash, and they are good to use again.


The pillow is tried and tested and wouldn’t change shape permanently but only while your baby’s head is rested upon it.


Yes. The pillow is extremely portable and compact in size. So, you can easily carry it and even use it in a car seat or stroller.


Not at all! The pillow is holistically designed keeping in mind your little one’s comfort.


Positional head deformations occur in up to 45 percent of all new-borns during the first months of life, because they are usually in the supine position recommended by doctors and still have a very soft skullcap. This can result in a flat head, a so-called brachycephaly. However, the little ones may also develop a favourite side. As a result, the head always falls in one direction and a plagiocephaly, a crooked skull, develops. A particularly high risk of developing a deformation is already present in the womb during multiple or twin deliveries. They also occur more frequently in forceps deliveries. Our Medibino has a particularly preventive effect, but can also be used for existing slight head deformities in consultation with the treating physician or physiotherapist.


The following measures help relieve your baby's head and promote mobility to prevent head deformations.
- Change sides regularly when feeding (this is the case automatically when breastfeeding).
- Motivate your baby to regularly change the head position while lying down by repositioning the bed, light sources and/or mobiles.
- Carry your baby in a cloth, carrier or on the arm a lot.
- While awake and under observation, you can put your baby on its stomach and be active with it on the floor. This relieves the head and trains mobility.
- The Medibino can be used for phases of prolonged lying on the back to support and relieve the back of the head.


We recommend using the Medibino baby head protector immediately after birth, i.e. from the first day of life, to prevent deformation of the sensitive baby's head. You may already know our baby head protector from your hospital - in some hospitals, Medibino is used in the infant wards and supports natural, stress-free head growth from day one. The duration of Medibino use depends on the development and mobility of your baby. If your baby starts to turn and become mobile regularly, the risk of developing a cranial asymmetry decreases because the head is no longer exposed to constant one-sided pressure from the recommended supine position. However, you can still use it, especially for longer sleeping phases in the supine position.


No. It is completely normal and not bad at all - in fact, it is desirable that your child can move freely in the Medibino. The ring shape ensures pressure relief even in the lateral position. Under the following link, you will find our doctor's explanation of how to use the Medibino:


Of course, as mobility increases, babies move more often and no longer lie on one spot, which is a natural developmental process. From this point on, the risk of newly developing a head deformation decreases and you can gradually reduce the use of the Medibino baby head protector. You can continue to use Medibino, especially for longer sleeping phases in the supine position. If your child slips out of the ring, simply push it back under the head.


There is no limit to how often and how long your child should lie on the Medibino baby head protector. We generally recommend using Medibino whenever your baby is lying in a supine position.


Especially in the first few months of life, our Medibino baby head protector can help reduce existing slight deformations of the sensitive baby's head. However, neither Medibino nor our recommendation can replace a professional medical diagnosis and possibly required therapy. Please speak with your doctor or midwife if you notice any deformation of your baby's head. There are always several factors that play a role in the treatment of an existing head deformation. In addition to a consistent pressure-relieving positioning, the promotion of mobility is especially important.


When used regularly and at an early stage, Medibino helps to maintain a beautiful, even head shape. Its special ergonomic shape and its individual size adjustability allow your baby's head to grow safely and without pressure. The opening in the middle prevents the sensitive back of your baby's head from fully resting on the bedding, thus preventing pressure and the risk of a flattened or crooked skull. The Medibino baby head protector was invented and developed by a renowned doctor and is a patented, approved medical product. You can get a first impression of how it works in our video.


You can find instructions on how to determine and adjust the size of your Medibino baby head protector for your baby here. The application of Medibino is very easy and you cannot do much wrong. To adjust: First adjust the ring to the smallest size using the Velcro fastener. Then, put your baby in a supine position on the baby head protector so that your baby's head rests on the soft, rounded top of the Medibino. The head should be as straight as possible when viewed from the side, if the head is stretched forward with the chin touching the chest, the Medibino is set to tightly. Simply extend the length of the ring a little bit. Your baby can and should move freely in the Medibino and turn its head sideways. The Medibino is purposely designed to be very small and almost completely disappear underneath the head.


The Medibino baby head protector is purposely designed as a ring and not as a pillow, as the recommendations for safe baby sleep are not to use large-volume pillows in the baby bed, as these can lead to overheating or rebreathing. Since the recommendation of a supine position for safe baby sleep has significantly increased the prevalence of position-related head deformations in infants, the German Society of Surgery and the German Society of Pediatric Surgery recommend putting infants on a positioning pillow that allows the rear part of the head to hang in the air. The Medibino meets both criteria.


It is very important to us that our customers receive sufficient information about head deformities as well as the Medibino and its application. Therefore, all our products are delivered with detailed instructions for use. Further information can be found on the "Advisor" section of our website. You are also welcome to ask any questions and request additional information at any time by phone or email.


The ring-shaped baby head protector has a diameter of approx. 12 cm in the smallest setting and 15 cm in the largest possible setting. The Medibino is purposely designed to be very small and almost completely disappear underneath the head, as for safety reasons, no large-volume pillows should be used in the baby bed.


You can clean the Medibino very easily: The outer cover is machine washable at 40 °C. We recommend that you wash the cover in a laundry bag so that other clothes cannot get caught in the zipper.
Textile care instructions for the outer cover:

The inner core of Medibino can be wiped clean with a damp cloth and can be cleaned with standard disinfectants. Please note that you cannot put Medibino into the washing machine "completely", i.e. including the inner core. Only the outer cover is machine washable. Even though the core is water-repellent and wipe-disinfectable, the special, sophisticated ergonomics of the inner part could be lost, e.g. due to the centrifugal force of your washing machine.


The Medibino baby head protector is exclusively made from high quality, skin-friendly materials. All materials used are subject to permanent safety and quality controls; they are certified and free of harmful substances. Outer cover: 60% polyester, 40% lyocel (TENCEL®) Filling material: PU foam


Protection against head deformations" and "Relief of head deformations" are medical promises that a product manufacturer can only make with medical approval. We take our responsibility very seriously and have approved Medibino as a medical device according to the valid regulations and laws. The approval has high demands on the development and manufacturing process and we had to perform various laboratory tests, which are very costly. In addition, we have to establish a quality management system according to the ISO 13485 standard for the new medical device directive, which will come into force in 2021. This involves a lot of effort and high costs. Therefore, Medibino is somewhat more expensive compared to positioning pillows of other manufacturers. Nevertheless, this step was very important for us to be able to support the well-being of children with good conscience.


No, the Medibino baby head protector is only available in one size, which means that you do not have to buy several products during the time of use. Medibino can be individually and continuously adjusted to fit the size of your baby's head. At an average head size, the size adjustment and the cushioning of the weight are designed to be suitable up to an age of 8 months. The actual duration of use usually is shorter, as babies become mobile and turn earlier, which means that positioning the head on the Medibino is no longer necessary.


Currently, Medibino is available with a classic white cover. The cover is exchangeable and machine washable. We also offer covers in different colours, which can be purchased afterwards as well.


You can easily change the Medibino cover, e.g. to wash it. Open the zipper and take out the inner core. To put the cover back on, start with the two outer ends. Insert the corner pieces of the inner core into the cover and close the zipper. If you are struggling or it is impossible to close it, move the inner foam core a little - everything should work now. Please always remember to hide the zipper in the provided "garage".